Staying Fit with Kids

All the fellow moms out there know how hard it can be staying in shape with little ones to take care of. I’ve struggled with that for a long time but seem to have finally got into a good rhythm now and am actually staying in shape (knock on wood). I found this great exercise routine that I build into every morning. What makes it especially great is that you don’t need any fancy equipment – you can do everything in the comfort of your bedroom after rolling out of bed!

Another great thing about an exercise routine like this is that you can do it first thing in the morning before the kids are out of bed. On most days I persuade my hubby to go downstairs and make breakfast while I work up a sweat with my routine! And it’s only 15 minutes long!

One thing I would suggest is having a yoga mat in your bedroom if you’re dealing with a hard floor. We have hardwood and some of the exercises can be a little rough on the body if there isn’t any padding.

My results have been pretty good so far – you should try it too!

What sort of exercise routines do you enjoy?

Bye for now,