My New Tibetan Singing Bowl + Sound Healing

So, living in L.A., I am exposed to a TON of health and wellness trends! One of the recent trends involves what is known as sound-healing or sound bathing. The basic idea is to lie on the floor or a yoga mat in a meditative state and surround yourself with healing sounds, like gentle music, the sound of a gong, or the sound of a singing bowl.

Well, I’m really one for crazes and trends, and I was so curious, so I jumped on board and ordered a Tibetan singing bowl from Shanti Bowl a few weeks ago. I found them on Instagram and the photos of their bowl are absolutely gorgeous! I have been using my new singing bowl on a daily basis and absolutely love it! They have a video on their website where you can see how to use the singing bowl and the sound it makes, which is awesome, but it is nothing compared to experiencing it in person!

The most interesting thing I’ve noticed is the power of the vibration. It feels as though the vibrations from the singing bowl are actually massaging my body. I can see why they call them “sound baths”! I’ve been playing my bowl in the morning and actually using it to gently wake up my husband and my babies. It’s so much nicer than the sound of an alarm – just so soothing!

I have been learning more about singing bowls and find it all so interesting. You can play your bowl in two ways – by hitting it like a gong, or by rubbing the rim of your bowl with the mallet which causes the bowl to vibrate and “sing”. You can ever pour a bit of water into your bowl and make the water “boil” via vibrations when you make your bowl sing. It’s otherworldly!

Do you have any experiences with sound healing? I’d love to hear from you!

Bye for now,