Fitness tips from one busy mom to another

As a mom, I’m always looking for ways to fit fitness into a busy and unpredictable schedule. Sometimes when your babies are sick it’s hard to find time for yourself, so I do my best to get my fitness in on the days I can and I don’t beat myself up the days I can’t.

Here are some of things I’ve been doing lately to stay fit and happy so I can be the best mom for my family.

  1. Get outside with the kids to play! We go for walks and when the kids want to play on the playground, I join them! I love running around with my babies and jumping on and off the playground equipment. It’s tons of fun and it honestly makes me sweat! My kids giggle with glee when I chase them and no sound in the world is sweeter. <3
  2. When the kids are napping, I get toning! When the kids go down for their afternoon nap, I set up shop in the living room to my resistance training. Squats, lunges, crunches, push ups – anything that only requires my body and some work! Sometimes the kids are screaming and won’t go to sleep or wake up after 15 minutes, so this type of exercise allows me to stop at any time and make sure the babies are ok. Once I check on them I get back to it. I aim for 30 minutes of this type of training 3 times a week. Some weeks that’s possible and others it’s impossible, but again I don’t beat myself up over it!
  3. Exercise during everyday tasks! Sometimes the most everyday mundane tasks can be combined with exercise. For instance when I’m brushing my teeth I balance up and down on my tip toes to tone my calves. I have to brush my teeth anyways, so why not do double duty?

These are just a few quick tips for busy moms to help inspire them to incorporate exercise into their everyday! Not only will you feel better, but you’ll show your kids from a young age how valuable a strong and healthy body is!

Bye for now,